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Monthly Archive: May 2018

Use glass  partitions to create light in office space

A firm would invest in partitions for their office due to several reasons.

  •         They will be least distracted by other workers if they get separated into different cubicles.
  •         No distraction means they can concentrate in their work and become more productive.
  •         If the firm chooses to invest in glass partitions in Dubai then these can help to lower noise levels and thus increase the efficiency.

Most of the times the standard glass partitions are usually created of units of single glazed glass that makes use of head and floor details to hold them in place. However, the ‘frameless’ glass partitions and those where the transparency of the glass can be altered with a mere flick of a switch, have gained popularity in the recent times.

The doors included in these partitions can be either solid or made in glass. If there is enough space then the doors can be fitted on sliding rails, while for a limited space the doors can be fitted onto patch hinges or floor rails.

The glass partitioning systems have many advantages. This type of room divider can create a light and airy atmosphere in an office space and hence saving enough money on electric bills. Another advantage is that these glass systems provide an ideal way to compliment the aesthetics of modern or an open office space. The third advantage is that these glass partitions can be easily relocated. Last but not the least using such partitioning system in the office, virtually requires no, or minimal structural modifications when installed and therefore minimising the building costs.


Steps to choose a perfect shower door

Shower doors have become a style statement nowadays. It not only brings class to your bathroom, but also saves the place from getting flooded unnecessarily. It is very important to make a right choice when selecting a bathroom fitting. There are a few things to consider the type of glass and the design as these highly influence your comfort. You can find different types of shower doors made with glass works in Dubai. Glass fabrication is done in order to make a standard glass by cutting, grinding, drilling and laminating along with insulation, edge work and polishing them.

First, have a look at the things that need to be considered.

  • The shape of shower tray: Before you proceed, you should decide on the shape of the shower tray that whether you want rectangular or the round ones. If you have a less space use the rectangular tray as they are efficient at using space and if you have ample of space go with the round trays as they are comfortable enough to step in and out.
  • Type of glass: There are different types of glass available as there is a huge market for glass fabrication in Dubai. You can have either clear glass or the milky glass doors. The clear glass doors are recommended to the people having dark bathroom spaces where you don’t need to cover the extra light coming in. Whereas milky glass doors are not fully transparent and are good for those having privacy concerns.
  • Shower door opening: There are mostly two choices of shower door openings the sliding door or the regular door. Sliding doors are trending in the market and are comfortable in terms of space they acquire. The regular doors can make your bathroom flooded and use a lot of space causing discomfort.
  • Shower door design: The doors are available in different colors and designs. Now, it is entirely your choice to choose the ones that match your interior and your taste. Usually, the doors with white color are more in demand but if you want to avoid much cleaning you can choose between blue, green, rose and many other colors.

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