Beach House Plans Design Ideas

There is nothing more beautiful than waking up to a beach view. What could be more exciting than actually having your house there? Just take that vacation in the perfect beach house that you have wanted to for so long and just chill! And that too, if the house has been designed by some creative minds to make you feel welcome and cozy, you will never think about wanting to go back. So, here is some spice to make that dream house yours, forever:

Being a reader, the first thing that comes to my mind is a Creative shelf. And no worries if you aren’t a bookworm because a room is always better with a shelf. Be it your games collection, classic records collection, wine collection or souvenirs, everything placed in order will give a pretty look.

You have amazing options available in the market, regarding a creative shelf, just waiting for you to get them.

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  • Has Been Read/ Will Be Read:  This one is for all readers out there. It is a must-have especially when it comes with two separate spaces. One is for books that you have read, and the other is for books that you can read in the future. This shelf is a more organized way to keep your books.
  • Teacup shelf: A cup of coffee and a book, could it get warmer than this? This shelf comes in interesting shapes like teacups and much more.
  • K Workstation shelf: Do you love working even on vacation? This is a workaholic’s best friend. It comes in a folded curved shape with a desk and shelf space in one.

So, pick your Creative shelf before your neighbors and flaunt it in a smarter way. Now let’s give it some additional touches and make it more relaxing, shall we?

  • Play with colors: Play light here with whites, cool blues, green or light yellow and pick a similar theme for borders. Let’s be creative and paint the walls yellow!
  • Furniture: A white couch, a coffee table, and some cozy pillows are everything you need here.
  • Go Green: Plants are always a Yes. So be creative with some vases and bowls with a few seashells in it.
  • Photographs and Paintings: It’s all about going digital, so click and glorify the walls with some arts.

With these creative touches to your beach house, you are good to start your vacation!