Benefits of using glass block windows

Most of the homes have single pane windows installed. Although these are very commonly used in homes, they need frequent maintenance, seasonal changes for insulation, changing curtains and shades for making the windows stylish. Nowadays plain to pristal glass blocks that inject a surprising style in your home interiors, are being popularly used in homes. If you too are thinking to use glass block windows in your home in Dubai, then Huzefa Glass Company is where you can find every kind of glass blocks for your windows. Here we have a few advantages of making use of glass block windows in your home.

  •         Energy Efficiency

Glass insulation is required by every single paned window to avoid the heat to enter the home during and also to limit the cold air coming in. whereas the glass block windows prevent inside air from escaping and outside air from entering which reduces your heating or cooling bills. Huzefa Glass Company makes use of a special glass material that helps in regulating the temperature in your home and thus creating a cozy environment always.

  •         Provides Light

A bright room is desired by many as it again helps in cutting down the electricity bill. single pane windows though let in natural light but require the constant opening of curtains or shades to let the light in which can be a hassle. When you make use of glass block windows, your electricity usage will be reduced significantly and there would be no need of opening any shades or curtains. You will be offered complete natural light. The blocks offered at Huzefa Glass Company can provide a room with an equal or greater amount of light when compared to artificial light.

  •         Offers Privacy

With single window panes, you also require curtains, blinds, shades or other window treatments mainly to hinder the view of the inside. But neither of such window treatments is required by glass blocks. This is because of the patterns on the different block styles, which distort vision. Hence it would restrict the internal vision, thus eliminating the need for window shades and curtains. A glass block window also provides a level of soundproofing, which a thin, single pane window can’t.

  •         Provides Security

Single glass panes can be easily broken by accident or by trespassers, which is the biggest disadvantage. On the other hand, the glass block windows are quite thick and act as a brick wall so that they are not easily broken and also hold up greatly against extreme weather conditions.