Career assessment program test

Choosing a right career is really a tough task for most of the students in Dubai remain unaware of the facts and figures to be considered while deciding the apt career for themselves. This necessitates the qualitative career guidance in Dubai. Career guidance plays an important role in individuals’ life and owns the power to impart desired life by them.

We understands the importance and requirement of career guidance in Dubai and hence comes with its CAP – Career Assessment Program. This program  is amongst the best career counseling programs for students of 9th to 12th grade. This scientifically developed program involves CAP test and further manual counseling by our experts. This entire program is designed to help students in arriving at accurate decisions when it comes to their career and choices.

Know the CAP test

CAP test is basically a 1 hour and 7 minute online psychometric test that helps students in determining their desired career path after considering all the important factors. It is based on a standard scientific method and aims at measuring ability, determining interest and figuring out the personality and skill set of the students who take the exam. This test involves three different modules –

  •         Personality Test

Personality Test aims at understanding the personality of the student taking the test. It provides students apt career choice that fit their personality since personality plays an important role in determining the correct career. This test monitors the natural behavior and reactions of students in different real natural situations and assesses them on the basis of the same.   

  •         Aptitude Test

Aptitude is necessary to excel in career and life and hence one must consider it very seriously before taking up a career path. This test measures the ability of the students to perform different tasks naturally. It is this test that provides an insight of the abilities and skill set that an individual possesses naturally.

  •         Career Interest Test

Interest is must to excel anywhere including career. But in most of the cases students remain confuse about their real interests. We have designed this module under CAP test keeping in mind all the scenarios and chaos that students usually face. This test comes with real interests that students possess.

The Result

After students complete and submit their test, they receive a detailed graphical report talking about their interests, personality, aptitude and appropriate career choices based on the same.

Analyze along with counselors

After receiving the test results, students are advised to talk to our educational experts. They help students in analyzing their report card and arriving at an accurate career choice.

CAP test is really of great help for all the students. It helps students in figuring out their interests, abilities and further career based on the same.