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Book a home salon service in Dubai to get gold facial benefits today

Gold has been long associated with a woman’s beauty for ages. Along with intricate jewellery, Romans Japanese and Egyptians have been using gold in skin treatments also.  But today, it is being widely used worldwide in beauty products like creams and especially facials to get a younger-looking skin. There are many home service salon Dubai that can provide you with best gold facials and let your skin get the following benefits.

  •         Anti-ageing properties:

A clear spotless skin free of wrinkles is a dream of every woman. They make use of a variety of beauty products to achieve this. But it is pretty often seen that they do not get the desired results. One of the best advice for getting the outcome you want is to look for an anti-aging cream that contains gold.  The gold present helps to activate the basal cells of the skin, which in turn increase the skin elasticity. Hence you can expect a reduction in the fine lines, marks, and wrinkles making you look young. You can go with a gold facial once every 2-3 months to attain such anti-aging benefits.

  •         Stimulates skin cells:

Gold ions stimulate the cells, veins and nerves present in your body and thus improve the circulation of the blood. When massaged into your facial skin, your skin complexion gets better. This also increases your skin metabolism and secretes the waste thus helping in maintaining a beautiful, healthier-lookingand younger skin.

  •         Prevents premature aging of the skin:

Although women in their 30s or 40s attain anti-aging benefits from a gold facial, but it is advantageous for younger women too, especially those having dry skin. This is because dry skin leads to premature aging and thus fine lines and wrinkles can be easily spotted. A gold facial is therefore recommended for every woman.

  •         Lightens complexion:

Cleopatra was claimed to be the most beautiful Egyptian woman in the world in ancient times. It is also said that she wore a mask of gold every night to maintain her skin’s beauty and enhance her complexion. It may only be a rumor, but the fact is that gold actually helps in getting a lighter and brighter complexion.

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