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FAQ’s about cable trays

Before making a huge investment on cable trays for dealing with your wiring system, it is vital to know all the factors and take the right decision. Here in this article, we are going to discuss some frequently asked questions answered by cable tray manufacturers in Dubai, which can make your spending worthy.

What are cable trays?

Cable tray systems provide effective support to insulated electric wiring of high-rise buildings and other is also used as an alternative to the traditional open wiring system for managing the cables and commercial and industrial structures. Cable trays are popular for its safety, adaptability, cost friendly, reliability, low maintenance, easy installation, and durability.

What are the uses of cable trays?

Cable tracer popularly used for supporting different wiring systems like

  1. High voltage power lines
  2. Power distribution cables
  3. Telecommunication wiring
  4. Optical cables
  5. Sensitive control wiring

What are the various materials of cable trays?

cable trays are made up of different materials including aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized and fiber reinforced plastic trays available in different types like ladder type cable trays, ventilated trough cable trays, solid bottom trays, wire mesh cable trays, perforated cable trays etc.

What is the common configuration of cable trays available in the market?

The common types of configuration available in the market are state sections to root the wires in a horizontal fashion or vertical fashion. Even the fittings are available to root the wires in different directions.

There are many more configurations available and can be customized depending upon your requirements.

Do I have to Fireproof The Cable Tray?

Yes, especially if you want to install the trays in applications which are prone to high temperature and interact with flame easily, along these lines, you should go for fireproofing the arrangement before you purchase.

It builds an additional layer of protection around it and guarantees the wellbeing of your wires inside the trays

After checking the question frequently asked questions, it becomes easy for you to purchase suitable cable trays for your applications.