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Eyelash Extension: Tips for the first timers!

Every woman dreams of having long and thick eyelashes as eyelashes give your eyes a charming and sexy look. Now with eyelashes extension technique introduced every woman can fulfil their desire getting those luscious sparkling eyes. If you are a beginner, you must know some of the important aspects before opting for Eyelyeash extensions Dubai. The eyelash extensions range from a natural rejuvenated look to more glamorous or even coloured lashes. For beginners in eyelash extensions, there are guidelines and information that they need to know. 

There are mainly two types semi-permanent or permanent. 

The permanent extension basically encompasses a surgical session where the eyelids are implanted with new hair strands. These hair strands then grow into thick and long eyelashes. The professional then trims them and modifies their curl degrees to infuse them into your natural eyelashes to give you a fuller and deeper look. 

But rather than going for a surgical procedure, people prefer the semi-permanent lash extensions. The semi-permanent eyelash extensions require a professional expert who will choose the right kind of eyelashes that will suit your style in terms of thickness, color and degrees of curl. The eyelash extensions are then put on your naturally existing eyelashes one by one. 


These are a few tips every first timer should be familiar with: 


  • Lash extensions are the synthetic eyelashes that extend your natural eyelashes to make them longer and fuller. These are small fibres that mimic a natural eyelash. Each of the fibres is then bonded to each eyelash strand by strand to make it look like they really came from the same root. 


  • It needs to be placed strategically according to the properties of your eyes. It is not about just sticking them. Always make sure that the application of eyelash extensions are done by experts.


  • Check if the adhesive they will use is the best quality as it should not contain chemical properties. Do not take this factor for granted, or you will be risking the life span of your extensions as well as your eyes. The application of extensions should guarantee the quality of the technology.


  • The good thing about extensions is that these can be customised. For instance, if you already have long lashes and you just want to have more volume, a consultant will examine your eyelashes and will come up with a set of extensions that is particularly inclined to add more volume to your lashes. 


  • The best eyelash extensions last for about 6 to 8 weeks. Having to touch up over and over again is expensive so better you should take care of your extensions. To ensure the lasting effect, keep them dry for 48 hours after it is attached. The bonding agent takes time to harden to effectively hold on to your natural lashes for maximum time. Stay away from steam or hot vapours because it affects your glue making it loose causing your extensions to fall out. 


  • Make sure that if any mishaps happen, your salon offers an additional service for re-touches.


Once you get these eyelash extensions, there won’t be any need for mascara, eyelash thickening, curlers or curling creams. So get ready and go ahead with lash extensions Dubai. Nooora beauty Concierge has the professionals to perform this cosmetic procedure at best fair prices. They also offer various other salon services including massage, waxing, spa, and nail extensions.