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5 symptoms women you should never ignore

We usually see that it is women who take care of everybody else in the family. They take care other their loved ones in almost every aspect of life. However, when it comes to themselves, they tend to ignore the problems they face. This is especially true when it comes to their health. Female gynaecologists in Dubai too feel the same. They say that women should never ignore their health, especially the following symptoms –

Vaginal bleeding: This one of the major symptoms that women should never ignore! It is especially dangerous for women undergoing menopause. It can be a small problem such as hormonal imbalance or it can be a big fatal problem. It is necessary to go see a doctor.

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Sudden weight loss: Weight loss is a signal of several different problems. While most women rejoice it, losing weight without any effort is certainly a major problem. Most female cancers are associated with sudden and dramatic weight loss. Get cautious!

Irregular urine: Excessive or little urination triggers a worry in almost everyone.  Women should also be very cautious about it. it may be because of diabetes, kidney problem or uterine fibroids. Get it checked before it is too late!

Skin changes: Be cautious if you find any abnormal changes in the size, shape or color of moles or spots on your skin. This can be a sign of skin cancer and should not be ignored. You may also have to watch out for unexplained bumps on your skin.

Toothache: Constant toothache or tooth sensitivity may be a sign of a bigger problem. Constant toothache, prolonged sensitivity, pain, and swollen gums, should not be ignored. They need immediate attention so they don’t spread further.

If you or your loved one is experiencing such symptoms, it is a signal to go see a gynaecologist. Contact us for the best female gynecologist in Dubai.