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Benefits Of Flare Stack

Also known as Gas Flare, flare stack is a device used in industrial plants for gas combustion purpose. It is mostly used in chemical plants, petroleum refineries, natural gas processing units, gas production sites, oil production sites, etc. These are used to burn off the flammable gases released from pressure relief valves during over-pressuring of plant equipment.

Apart from the above usage, there are many other uses and benefits of having a good quality flare stack. But, as mentioned, it needs to be of good quality so that you don’t need to worry about its recurring maintenance cost and early replacements. For this, choosing a dependable and trustworthy flare stack provider is very much necessary.

Flare Stack

Following are some of the benefits of using better quality flare stacks:

  • Danger protection: Using better quality flare stacks helps avoid the danger of over pressuring of industrial plants and other equipment.
  • Laws and rules: In certain countries, it is required by law to install the flare stack system. Having a better quality flare stack not only helps in following the provisions of law but also helps in avoiding the extra cost of its maintenance and replacement.
  • Useful while startups and shutdowns: It may happen sometimes that you may need to go for planned combustion of gases while start-ups or shut downs. Although needed for a comparatively shorter time period, flare stacks become very much necessary for such time periods.
  • Various parts for overall smooth functioning: A flare system is made up of various components and parts that come together and ensure a smooth functioning of the flare stack system. It mostly comprises of a knock out drum, a water seal drum, a steam injection system, a pilot flame with its own ignition system, etc. A flare stack will have all these components as per their designation and usage so that you can get its maximum benefit.

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