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Must know things about car tires

Just like a strong foundation is necessary for a building to stand tall, tires are essential parts of your vehicle to carry its entire weight. It is therefore important to regularly maintain them and keep an eye on any wear off. Moreover, excessive wear in tires lead to accidents and fatal injury. And in such a case you must change them and buy tires online UAE.

However, before moving on with your tire purchase you must know some basics about car tires, so that you can make an informed decision. Let us take a look at some of the pointers below:

  •         You must consult a mechanic if you are a first time tire buyer.  He can professionally assist you in the tire selection process and can also see for the inflations as well as alignments.
  •         You must go with the same speed ratings of tires, if you are looking for replacement. The efficiency of the tires is undermined if you use tires of different ratings. The speed rating of the tire is calculated by how well it dissolves heat, whereas the load rating is determined by the weight each tire can carry.
  •         There are different types of tires available. There are flat tires promoting safety and comfort, while resisting tears and punctures that sharp objects can cause. Then there are hard sidewall tires that prevent any deflection and can drive up to 100 miles on flats.
  •         Always keep a check on tires for any problems, especially when you have travelled a long distance. Make sure you also check for the traction and air pressure levels of the tires. And in case of any wear and tear found after a rough trip, you must consult a mechanic. He would suggest if a car tire change is needed.