DIY Pet Grooming Ideas


Pets, especially dogs turn very fussy when you start preparing for their grooming! However, grooming is necessary for a pet so it not only looks good, but also has a good hygiene. There are a lot of stores that sell creative pet grooming products in Dubai.


Apart from buying these products off-the-shelf, a lot of people show interest in making their own pet grooming products in Dubai. For all such enthusiastic pet owners, here are a few DIY ideas –

Matching tees! One unique way to groom your pet and make it more attractive is to stitch a shirt for it! add a twist by preparing two matching apparel and click good pictures while wearing them.

Paint the nails. This is another great idea. Paint the pet’s nails with an attractive color.

Paint its body. Another great idea is to paint the pet’s body with some natural and healthy colors. Use the same color on the whole body or make an art on the body. Get creative with it.

Weave socks or a crocheted shirt for it. It will make it look dapper and it will also feel cozy during the winters. You can use different colors and patterns to make it more attractive.

Braid your furry pal! Everyone is doing it and you too should try it out! Make a nice braid if your pet has long hair or you can also make some cute pony tails and tie them with colorful ribbons. You may also try some attractive stickers and clips for it.

Grooming and keeping your pet attractive is a fun job. One can find lot of creative accessories to do it and there are a lot of interesting ideas to take inspiration from. If you are looking for the best pet grooming products in Dubai, contact Value Pets.