International payment processing in online industries

Pay and Play, Online!

When it is about Cross-Border transactions, secured platform is the first thing that comes to our mind. For worldwide payments, it becomes a headache. But you need not worry because of today; we live in a world full of possibilities or options as you may. A non-risky and fully secure payment system is one of those options. There are several ways to make the fraud free online payments internationally. Visit

Google Wallet: The most convenient way to make online payments. Because almost everyone knows Google and transferring money has just become easier.

PayPal: It is one of the world’s most widely used online payment processing systems. It includes accepting the checks through your smartphone’s camera and has some 26 currencies.

Amazon Payments: It is a safe method and almost everyone uses Amazon, which makes it easier because you already have all the information stored there.

Authorize.Net: It has been around for a long time now, doing all the transaction safely.

ACH Payments: It is also one of the top online payment systems available. ACH Payments play a big role in making payments globally.

In international payment system, a secure platform is the customer’s priority. Physical cards are no longer carried around anymore. First, it comes with a big responsibility of making sure we do not lose the card somewhere waiting for our turn or in a very crowded place; and second, we take our smartphones everywhere we go. So why not choose a safer method, a path that provides the highest possible risk-free way?

At Mindlogicx, they have made it possible to go cashless without any risks of fraud. New technologies are always just around the corner and with this, Kenwallet comes in the picture. It is one of the easier, safer and faster ways of the cashless processing system. Kenwallet has many perks with being secured and anytime-anywhere online payment processing service. It is a closed loop Payment Management System, and it is to provide a cashless campus for universities by using e-wallets for students and faculties. Mindlogicx works globally and provides the solutions for Knowledge Management. With this, it created the best Fraud Risk Management and Assessment for a customer’s financial needs. It provides the best of its class technology products.

It is possible to make a safe and secure transaction with the right tools present. So Go Global, Go Online.