New UAE Visa Rules For 2019

 The UAE Cabinet announced a few important amendments in the family sponsorship policy for expats in the UAE regarding the issuing of family visa UAE. Along with this, the government also declared that the residents of the country can sponsor their sons who are above 18 years. In this article, we shall take a look at the new UAE visa rules for families that were recently updated for the residents.

Updated UAE family visa rules for 2019

 According to the updated family visa rules for 2019, the educational background or the job title of the sponsor will not be a specific requirement for handing out a UAE residency visa. The income or salary requirement will, however, remain the same. So you just have to be a resident of UAE in any profession, earning 4,000 AED (without accommodation), or 3,000 AED (with accommodation facility) to sponsor your family members in the country (in any of the Emirates). 

 For female residents of the UAE, the conditions are a little different. She must have a residence visa stating that she is an engineer, teacher, doctor, nurse or any other profession related to the medical sector. Her monthly salary shouldn’t be less than 10,000 AED, or 8,000 AED with accommodation allowance. If not in these professions, the woman can still sponsor her family, if she fulfills the salary requirement and gets permission from the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (DNRD).

 Updated residency visa rules for children sponsored by parents 


An amendment has also been made for sponsoring your 18-year-old son to the UAE. According to the updated rule, expats can apply for a renewable, one year visa for their 18-year-old son. This rule will also be applicable for a university graduate (whether in or out of UAE). Moreover, you are not required to deposit the amount of 5,000 AED for getting a family visa UAE for your son. You will have to pay just 100 AED for first time issuing and renewal.

 Earlier, the expats were allowed to sponsor their son up to 18 years of age. After that, he could only be sponsored by a student visa, that too on proving that he is studying at the University of UAE.

 However, for the daughters, the visa rules remain unchanged. As a parent, you are allowed to sponsor your daughter as long as she is unmarried. There isn’t any age limit for her.