Looking for a new car battery? Tips to consider

The car batteries exhaust with the use of lighting and electrical accessories which runs on the power from your battery. Usually, car batteries last for 4-5 years, but they can expire anytime without notice. So, replacing them at regular intervals to ensure the car maintenance and make your travels less of a hassle. Even after you change your car batteries you should care for them properly in order to maintain them. You should have the basic information about car battery change in Dubai along with replacing and maintaining them.

  • Durable in extreme weather conditions: The car batteries you purchase should be designed in such a way that it can bear the extreme weather conditions. Generally, the car batteries fail to work during winters as they don’t get warmed up. While high heat can also affect the car batteries as they vaporize the electrolyte faster and increase plate corrosion. Therefore, choose the product wisely.
  • Correct size and type matters: The car batteries come in different shapes and types. You should be well aware of the right type and size for your car when going to buy a new one. To identify your correct fit you can check them in the car manual or you can ask any car mechanic. Also, identify the placement of the battery terminals to connect the cables well.

  • Life of the car battery: Before you plan to buy any of the car batteries makes sure you check its expected life. It is impossible to imagine your car without car batteries so choose the best ones. When your car is in the ideal state, or otherwise, the electrolyte in the car batteries tends to drain out. So, you should be concerned about the consumption of battery and its energy levels.
  • Car maintenance: Nowadays, most of the batteries are maintenance free and you do not need regular refilling of electrolyte in them. While some needs regular maintenance. With the new technology, you don’t have to bother about the performance of your battery and trouble of rechecking them frequently.

If you are ever in need of a car battery change in Dubai, contact https://www.batterymobile.ae/. They offer you the best and trustworthy services at reasonable rates.


Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery: Safe or Unsafe

The mini gastric bypass was introduced to simplify the weight loss surgery procedure with fewer complications. There are many people who prefer mini gastric bypass in Dubai over standard gastric bypass procedure.

  • How it works: It helps the body to avoid excess storage of fats, keeping the ponds in check. It happens when the appetite hormone level in the body drops down along with a restricted food intake and absorption of calories.
  • The Procedure: This is done by cutting the stomach into a smaller tube-like shape and detaching it with the esophagus. Also, the intestines are bypassed and then attached to the new stomach so that there is an automatic reduction in food intake and a normal digestion. As it is non-invasive the recovery is faster as well. The patients get back to their normal activities within a week. After this, they just have to follow a strict diet routine for a month to get back to a normal lifestyle.
  • The fact to consider: With its advantages, there is also a not so beneficial thing attached to it. Although it is an ideal option for a successful weight loss it is foremost applied to the people who suffer from medical problems due to their excess weight. So an individual has to understand that the mini gastric bypass is more important for the well being rather than enhancing your looks.

Losing the pounds is a demanding process and people with medical conditions are unable to do so. Here, mini gastric bypass in Dubai proves to be the best option to shed the weight faster. If you are struggling to lose weight and tried every other means, go for the mini gastric bypass.

Ideas for organising your place with cable trays

With the increase in the use of electronic gadgets, it has also become quite common to find cables and wires lying around.  So many cables sprawled around like lazy snakes can surely make the whole place look unorganised. The one way to make the place look better and organised is to use cable trays.

There is a lot of demand for cable trays manufacturers in UAE and why not? They are an inexpensive alternative to make a place look organized.  Cable trays make the walls and the floor look like a road map and if you are a little creative, you could simply arrange them to make a floor or wall design.

There are different types of cable trays that address to different needs and the best thing about cable trays is that they are installed directly onto the walls, surfaces, floors, ceilings, desks, counters, etc.

Another big advantage is untangling! Almost every one of us has faced this inconvenience, haven’t we?  Well music lovers like me get very irritated when the wish to listen to music but have to untangle the wires at first. It can be a total mood spoiler. So what is the best way to avoid this? Use cable trays! They are the best ways to keep them from untangling. Cable trays route cables and wires and keep them from tangling, protect them and keep them out of sight from kids and mice!

For the best quality cable trays, contact Bonn Group. The supply superior quality cable trays that are durable and functional.


Tips to select the right fit out for your office space

Selecting the right fit out for your office is quite a task and a lot of people find it extremely difficult. Even big companies in Dubai face the difficulty in selecting fit out. But the task can become easy with the right retail fit out companies in Dubai.

Are you looking for retail fit out for your office? Don’t worry! Here are a few tips to help you out.

  1. Experience

The very first thing you should see when selecting a fit-out retailer is the years of experience they have. Always go for a company that has good experience. Go through their experience, talk to their previous clients and if it is possible, check out the sites.

  1. Variety

When looking for a fit-out company, you will have to see to it that the company offers a wide variety of designs that are suitable for a variety of industries. The fit out retail has to accommodate that are suitable for all sixes of requirements and should also see to it that the solutions offered are trending.

Retail fit out companies in Dubai
  1. Costs

Another important thing to consider is the price range. Research the market and find out the market rate for fit-outs then approach a good fitout company that provides its services at competitive prices. Do not choose a company just because it the low prices. The quality may not be good.

  1. Certification

There are a few companies that claim to have proper authorization and certification. However, to know if the company really has the license and authorization, ask them to provide a copy of the certificate.

  1. Insurance

Go for a company that provides insurance so the damage costs are covered, in case of an accident.

Make sure that you visit Subgate Interiors for the best retail fit out solutions in Dubai. It is one of the fastest growing interior design companies in UAE

Why Owners Should Get Motor Insurance in Dubai

motor insurance

If you are looking for safe and secure driving experience with your motor vehicle, it’s important not to compromise when it comes to motor insurance. Car Insurance is a much-needed commodity these days, as it is made mandatory by law. The numbers of vehicles on the road today are countless, and the graph of vehicle owners is growing every day. We see that almost all people use their car regularly. Some drive with awesome skill, while others are new on the block. A car accident cannot be predicted or expected,   streets can be unsafe and it’s obligatory that you ensure you have coverage from best motor insurance companies in Dubai.


Regardless of the possibility that the small or big, which can be harmful to both the driver as well as the vehicle.car. Despite how grave the mishap is; even if the passengers in the vehicle stay unhurt, it’s exceedingly improbable that the auto will stay in place, when this happens you’ll be grateful you invested in car coverage from best motor insurance companies in Dubai to recover financial losses.

However, a few people still depend on the Internet for choosing reasonable yet effective policies. The Internet, without any doubt, provides information on different policies, be that as it may, when the insurance policies are your concern, depending just on the Internet is of any help. Browsing quite a few websites and comparing them with one another for obtaining policies which are effective and affordable may not work always may not work dependably. Subsequently, you should employ skilled brokers having great experience in this field.

Certain business insurance brokers charge a nominal amount to help their clients have the finest insurance. An Insurance broker can negotiate lower rates for you by offering you multiple insurance policies by same companies at a given time. By using this method they can get lower parade while still receiving a commission on the policy.

If you are looking for a regular type of car insurance it is best for you to try and find a policy on your award by searching online. If you require a special kind of insurance, it is better to hire an insurance broker. For more details on best insurance brokers in Dubai visit www.pibco.ae/ .

Types Of Sunglasses  

Gucci Sunglasses

People usually buy sunglasses depending on the latest trend going on.  Be it latest  Gucci sunglasses or Ray Ban, most of them go by the trend.

Sunglasses from brands like Gucci, D&G, Ray Ban, etc are very expensive. Impulsive buying because of a trend will only burn your pockets. One very important thing to know is when buying sunglasses is to find what type of glasses suit you the best. For the same reason, we have made a list of types of sunglasses and what suit you the best –

Gucci Sunglasses

The round sunglasses: This type of sunglasses look the best on oval and heart shaped faces. These frames are not only classic but they are also very quirky. They give the wearer a fun style statement.

Shields: These sunglasses are made popular by sports men. They offer good protection from the sun and thus the name shields! They are sleek and have a futuristic design. Shields look the best on oval shaped faces.

Wayfarers: The wayfarers are suitable on almost all face shapes. The style has been around since the 50’s. However, it is still top-notch it is expected to continue. These sunglasses suit all face shapes but the look the best on oval and round shapes.

Oval frames: Most people prefer these oval shaped sunglass to up their style quotient. These look very professional and are best for all face shapes. These shades look the best on oval and square shaped faces.

Oversized: These sunglasses are a ladies favorite. They are worn for style as well as complete protection to the face. These sunglasses are suitable for women with round and oval face shapes.

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Interior fit out design tips for big restaurants

lavender restaurant

There are several factors to be taken into consideration before we start designing restaurant as competition is growing day by day and you must be better in every aspect to attract customers. Interior fit out designing is essential for attracting customers to your restaurant along with decent food and great service.

The unique and creative restaurant fit out designs in Dubai will make an enormous difference in branding your business. Here are few tips you need to consider while designing interiors of your restaurant.



While designing fit out of your restaurant in Dubai, you should first decide on the perfect layout, as you don’t want to have customers and staff members constantly getting in the way of each other. This can be handled effectively with professional restaurant fit out designers in Dubai allowing the staff to operate quickly and provide excellent customer service.

Think about the positioning your chairs, tables, billing counter and if they could be moved or adjusted to enhance space benefits.


The theme of your restaurant is another major thing that separates you from other culinary services within your location. If you can resist the temptation to play it safe by shunning risks and find harmony between a little bit of unique inspiration and the standard expectations of a restaurant, you are likely to succeed.

You can plan on things like favoured cuisine such as Italian, American, Asian, Indian etc first when thinking about opening a restaurant.


Decorations go together with your chosen concept. You should decorate your interiors to enhance atmosphere with respect to the theme of your restaurant. Try decorating your walls with hanging objects, it will add a touch of your own personality to the restaurant.

Colour and furniture

To enhance the mood and the atmosphere of the place, paint the walls with distinct colors. You can also experiment with your furniture by mixing vintage furniture with the new ones, search as classic Italian wine bar with artwork of Picasso etc. This will create an awesome designer look.

You must make sure that the interiors of your restaurant fit both the character and lifestyle of your customers. For more details on fit-out Interior designers in Dubai visit Subgate Interiors.

DIY Pet Grooming Ideas


Pets, especially dogs turn very fussy when you start preparing for their grooming! However, grooming is necessary for a pet so it not only looks good, but also has a good hygiene. There are a lot of stores that sell creative pet grooming products in Dubai.


Apart from buying these products off-the-shelf, a lot of people show interest in making their own pet grooming products in Dubai. For all such enthusiastic pet owners, here are a few DIY ideas –

Matching tees! One unique way to groom your pet and make it more attractive is to stitch a shirt for it! add a twist by preparing two matching apparel and click good pictures while wearing them.

Paint the nails. This is another great idea. Paint the pet’s nails with an attractive color.

Paint its body. Another great idea is to paint the pet’s body with some natural and healthy colors. Use the same color on the whole body or make an art on the body. Get creative with it.

Weave socks or a crocheted shirt for it. It will make it look dapper and it will also feel cozy during the winters. You can use different colors and patterns to make it more attractive.

Braid your furry pal! Everyone is doing it and you too should try it out! Make a nice braid if your pet has long hair or you can also make some cute pony tails and tie them with colorful ribbons. You may also try some attractive stickers and clips for it.

Grooming and keeping your pet attractive is a fun job. One can find lot of creative accessories to do it and there are a lot of interesting ideas to take inspiration from. If you are looking for the best pet grooming products in Dubai, contact Value Pets.

Benefits Of Flare Stack

Also known as Gas Flare, flare stack is a device used in industrial plants for gas combustion purpose. It is mostly used in chemical plants, petroleum refineries, natural gas processing units, gas production sites, oil production sites, etc. These are used to burn off the flammable gases released from pressure relief valves during over-pressuring of plant equipment.

Apart from the above usage, there are many other uses and benefits of having a good quality flare stack. But, as mentioned, it needs to be of good quality so that you don’t need to worry about its recurring maintenance cost and early replacements. For this, choosing a dependable and trustworthy flare stack provider is very much necessary.

Flare Stack

Following are some of the benefits of using better quality flare stacks:

  • Danger protection: Using better quality flare stacks helps avoid the danger of over pressuring of industrial plants and other equipment.
  • Laws and rules: In certain countries, it is required by law to install the flare stack system. Having a better quality flare stack not only helps in following the provisions of law but also helps in avoiding the extra cost of its maintenance and replacement.
  • Useful while startups and shutdowns: It may happen sometimes that you may need to go for planned combustion of gases while start-ups or shut downs. Although needed for a comparatively shorter time period, flare stacks become very much necessary for such time periods.
  • Various parts for overall smooth functioning: A flare system is made up of various components and parts that come together and ensure a smooth functioning of the flare stack system. It mostly comprises of a knock out drum, a water seal drum, a steam injection system, a pilot flame with its own ignition system, etc. A flare stack will have all these components as per their designation and usage so that you can get its maximum benefit.

Majees Technical Services LLC is one of the most trustworthy and dependable providers of quality flare stacks in UAE. With us, you can be assured of getting best in class, always and that too at unbelievable prices.


Step by Step Installation of CCTV Camera


Your job is not done after buying a high quality CCTV camera. The next important step is to install it properly. Without proper instalment and placement, the CCTV cannot work to its best. Equipping wireless and dummy cameras is very simple and easy. However, installing wired cameras requires some professional help. You can take the help of companies for CCTV installation in Dubai.

Let us discuss a step by step method to install a simple CCTV camera yourself. However, you must contact a professional company like Majees Tech that specializes in CCTV installation in Dubai.

  1.   Prioritize: first decide on the areas which actually need monitoring. Securing the whole house with cameras would be expensive and impractical. Therefore, confirming the specific areas would be smarts. Most common areas that are fitted with CCTV cameras are front and back door, porches, balconies, driveway and staircases.
  2.   Buying the right CCTVs according to your needs: A basic home security package for outdoor monitoring includes a few CCTV cameras and a DVR. A DVR is a device that receives the footage from the camera and sends it to a monitor for viewing. However, if the kids need to be checked on, then a few wireless CCTV cameras would be enough. All these gadgets can be bought separately. However, buying them in a package would be cheaper.
  3.   Mounting the cameras on the wall: some cameras come with a sticky pad that aids the camera to attach to the wall. However, a smarter option would be to drill a hole and nailing the camera to the wall. The camera will then be secure to the wall and there of it falling out. Plug in the power source for the camera.
  4.   Connect the camera to the DVR: BNC cables are used in the connection between the DVR and camera. One side of the cable should be connected to the output of the camera and the other side should be connected to the DVR’s input.
  5.   Last connections: Attach the DVR to the monitor via BNC cables and enjoy monitoring for thieves.