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3 reasons Dubai is rising as a tech start-up hub

In the year 2009, Yalchin, a German of Turkish descent, was ready to set up his next company. He had already founded a fashion brand that was very successful in the Europe. He wanted to find a place that replicated that success in the Europe. He thought of many options, but he zeroed in on the Middle East. In the Middles East, the obvious choice of setting up the headquarters was Dubai as it is most of the fast-developing metropolitan cities in the world according to the January 2015 report. Dubai is a famous city which was invented out of a desert.

There are many factors that is favorable to  business setup in Dubai:


Tips to simplify your web design

“The simpler the plan the better it is”, is a saying that almost everyone must have heard and it has almost become a cliché, but clichés are so popular because they are true. Just like any other thing, a simple website is considered to be better by many people who visit numerous websites on a regular basis and do reviews on them. Even a few of the experts of some of the biggest web development companies in Dubai feel that the secret of their websites achieving meteoric success in a very small time is that they have made a conscious effort to keep their websites simple and yet effective. Most of the new web designers feel that only if they make their website, overly complicated can it create an impression on the users and it will feel more sophisticated. However, the past trends of popularity have clearly indicated otherwise as a simple website looks more sophisticated and sleek, reduces the chances confusion for the new users and it takes less time to create it too.