Step by Step Installation of CCTV Camera


Your job is not done after buying a high quality CCTV camera. The next important step is to install it properly. Without proper instalment and placement, the CCTV cannot work to its best. Equipping wireless and dummy cameras is very simple and easy. However, installing wired cameras requires some professional help. You can take the help of companies for CCTV installation in Dubai.

Let us discuss a step by step method to install a simple CCTV camera yourself. However, you must contact a professional company like Majees Tech that specializes in CCTV installation in Dubai.

  1.   Prioritize: first decide on the areas which actually need monitoring. Securing the whole house with cameras would be expensive and impractical. Therefore, confirming the specific areas would be smarts. Most common areas that are fitted with CCTV cameras are front and back door, porches, balconies, driveway and staircases.
  2.   Buying the right CCTVs according to your needs: A basic home security package for outdoor monitoring includes a few CCTV cameras and a DVR. A DVR is a device that receives the footage from the camera and sends it to a monitor for viewing. However, if the kids need to be checked on, then a few wireless CCTV cameras would be enough. All these gadgets can be bought separately. However, buying them in a package would be cheaper.
  3.   Mounting the cameras on the wall: some cameras come with a sticky pad that aids the camera to attach to the wall. However, a smarter option would be to drill a hole and nailing the camera to the wall. The camera will then be secure to the wall and there of it falling out. Plug in the power source for the camera.
  4.   Connect the camera to the DVR: BNC cables are used in the connection between the DVR and camera. One side of the cable should be connected to the output of the camera and the other side should be connected to the DVR’s input.
  5.   Last connections: Attach the DVR to the monitor via BNC cables and enjoy monitoring for thieves.