Tips to simplify your web design

“The simpler the plan the better it is”, is a saying that almost everyone must have heard and it has almost become a cliché, but clichés are so popular because they are true. Just like any other thing, a simple website is considered to be better by many people who visit numerous websites on a regular basis and do reviews on them. Even a few of the experts of some of the biggest web development companies in Dubai feel that the secret of their websites achieving meteoric success in a very small time is that they have made a conscious effort to keep their websites simple and yet effective. Most of the new web designers feel that only if they make their website, overly complicated can it create an impression on the users and it will feel more sophisticated. However, the past trends of popularity have clearly indicated otherwise as a simple website looks more sophisticated and sleek, reduces the chances confusion for the new users and it takes less time to create it too.

While it may seem simple and easy to create a simple website, however if you want to include many things and features and yet keep it simple, you might need some help for the proper planning. So here is a list of some tips that would help you to keep your website simple.

  • Concentrate on the essentials

The first thing that you should do in the planning stage is to make a list of the most essential things and features that are concomitant of the products or services your website shall offer. Once this list is made, visualize and plan in a way so as to include all of these in a clutter free manner. This will give you a good knowledge about how much space of each webpage you have to use no matter what and then you can plan accordingly for the rest of the space. While this may seem as something that almost all of the web designers do, however you may be shocked to see that this step is ignored by many and then its importance is realized at a later date leading to loss of time and poor web design.

Web Design Dubai
Web Design Dubai
  • Follow the all important 80:20 rule

The 80:20 rule which is also referred to as the Pareto principle of marketing is something which is not really an essential rule but a principle which has become a step that almost always guarantees success. The main message of this rule is that the 20% of all the designs and causes lead to 80% of the entire effect of the website. This step should be followed in alignment with the first step and then the result would be in favor of the website owner. So all the desired effects like sales, subscriptions and views will be affected by, only the 20% of the designs. In order to achieve this target of 80%-20% one must get rid of the extras in terms of designing and features like excessive amounts of field, buttons, extra text boxes and the redundant arrows. Once this is done in a proper manner you will be amazed to find out the extent of useless things that until now had occupied the white spaces of your website and the end result of this editing process will be a simpler website with more popularity.

  • Simpler navigation

Any website whose navigation system is simple and easy to follow will always be liked more than a website wherein the user is not able to freely explore the website because its navigation is extremely complicated and difficult to understand. A complicated navigation is a very demotivating thing as many users will hesitate to return to your website; secondly it shall definitely create a very negative impression on the users. In order to make to make your website’s navigation simple and hassle you need not go through a lot of trouble and you merely need to follow some simple steps like remove the extra links for navigation like multiple buttons for ‘Home’, decrease excessively long scrolls for longer contents and instead you can use pagination, use the sitemap to the fullest, the navigation buttons should be placed in such a manner that they are easily viewable and thus could be used easily and most important of all place the highly crucial information on the top.

  • Decrease the quantity of the pages

The most effective way to make a website simple is merely reducing the places where in the user may have to click to check out the different things because if there are lots of places that have different features then the users will eventually get annoyed because they will have to click or select and then wait for the page to open up for different kinds of information. Thus decrease the number of page by getting rid of the redundant pages or combining multiple pages into one wherever possible.

  • Place as much content as possible above the fold

The fold means whatever comes up as soon as a webpage opens up, not including anything that comes down below, upon scrolling. A lot of research work and analysis has showed that the major portion of time spent by most of the users on any webpage is above the fold and thus you should see to it that the majority of your quality content and features are placed above the fold. If you have to showcase lots of features above the fold then you can have a navigation menu or decrease the height of the header using CSS. Also move the important buttons like sign-up button and sing-in buttons above fold, if you want more and more of new subscribers and also want the old ones to stay logged in.

All these simple to follow methods which are more often than not ignored could play a pivotal role in increasing the simplicity quotient of your website, so do try them.If you are staying in Dubai then contact