Types Of Sunglasses  

Gucci Sunglasses

People usually buy sunglasses depending on the latest trend going on.  Be it latest  Gucci sunglasses or Ray Ban, most of them go by the trend.

Sunglasses from brands like Gucci, D&G, Ray Ban, etc are very expensive. Impulsive buying because of a trend will only burn your pockets. One very important thing to know is when buying sunglasses is to find what type of glasses suit you the best. For the same reason, we have made a list of types of sunglasses and what suit you the best –

Gucci Sunglasses

The round sunglasses: This type of sunglasses look the best on oval and heart shaped faces. These frames are not only classic but they are also very quirky. They give the wearer a fun style statement.

Shields: These sunglasses are made popular by sports men. They offer good protection from the sun and thus the name shields! They are sleek and have a futuristic design. Shields look the best on oval shaped faces.

Wayfarers: The wayfarers are suitable on almost all face shapes. The style has been around since the 50’s. However, it is still top-notch it is expected to continue. These sunglasses suit all face shapes but the look the best on oval and round shapes.

Oval frames: Most people prefer these oval shaped sunglass to up their style quotient. These look very professional and are best for all face shapes. These shades look the best on oval and square shaped faces.

Oversized: These sunglasses are a ladies favorite. They are worn for style as well as complete protection to the face. These sunglasses are suitable for women with round and oval face shapes.

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