Use glass  partitions to create light in office space

A firm would invest in partitions for their office due to several reasons.

  •         They will be least distracted by other workers if they get separated into different cubicles.
  •         No distraction means they can concentrate in their work and become more productive.
  •         If the firm chooses to invest in glass partitions in Dubai then these can help to lower noise levels and thus increase the efficiency.

Most of the times the standard glass partitions are usually created of units of single glazed glass that makes use of head and floor details to hold them in place. However, the ‘frameless’ glass partitions and those where the transparency of the glass can be altered with a mere flick of a switch, have gained popularity in the recent times.

The doors included in these partitions can be either solid or made in glass. If there is enough space then the doors can be fitted on sliding rails, while for a limited space the doors can be fitted onto patch hinges or floor rails.

The glass partitioning systems have many advantages. This type of room divider can create a light and airy atmosphere in an office space and hence saving enough money on electric bills. Another advantage is that these glass systems provide an ideal way to compliment the aesthetics of modern or an open office space. The third advantage is that these glass partitions can be easily relocated. Last but not the least using such partitioning system in the office, virtually requires no, or minimal structural modifications when installed and therefore minimising the building costs.