Wooden Blinds to Provide a Statement

Wooden blinds are very popular in Dubai and a lot of people show interest to get them installed. This is because wood blinds very attractive and effective. They are seen as the best window treatment option on the market.

Wooden blinds are so popular in Dubai because they create a natural, warm feeling in the room in which they are installed. Adding to that is their availability in a broad spectrum of colors, styles, stains, sizes and even materials.

It feels close to nature

The most important reason why Dubai households are opting for wooden blinds is that they give away a natural look! Wooden blinds create a sincere and relaxing feel and thus maintain a soothing atmosphere in the room in which they are installed. One more appealing thing is that they can be stained almost any color so they match the pre-existing furniture or trim that you have at home. Wooden blinds can also be painted to suit your home’s color schemes and decor.

Not just good looks, wooden blinds are also known for their functionality

Well, wooden blinds are not just about good looks, they are also well known for their functionality. Wooden blinds are excellent insulators against cold and heat. This is because of their solid construction. Because of this, they provide excellent, unrivaled privacy and protection for the furniture at your abode. Finally, wooden blinds are also known for being incredibly light-weighted. This dramatically reduces the amount of wear and tear.

Wooden blinds
Wooden blinds

Styled to suit you better

You will have to consider several things before settling on the perfect style of blinds for your home. This usually begins with selecting the slat size. The most common slat sizes are 1 and 2 inch long. However, experts for wooden blinds in Dubai say that, larger slatted models offer a better shutter effect and allow optimal light. If you have French doors and small windows, then 1 inch slats are best and 2 inch slats are so good that they look great just about anywhere. You can also consider going for vertical slats, faux wood models or woven wood models (like bamboo shades).

Faux wood blinds are the best alternatives

Most of the homeowners in Dubai choose faux wood blinds because they are affordable when compared to that of real wood blinds. Other than that there are a variety of reasons to choose faux wood blinds. However, real wood is much lighter than faux wood and this makes it last longer.

Where to find wooden blinds in Dubai?

The best and easiest way to find them is to approach the best furniture store in Dubai. In such stores they usually have a wide variety of products in different sizes, colors and textures. Such stores can also advise you on the blinds that are best for you.Visit this website.