5 companies in technology in fashion

Since the past few years, there has been a very significant change in how companies work and this evolution has brought in some never-seen-before innovation and excitement to the world of fashion. The most Interesting development of this is the use of technology in fashion.

Yes that is true! Companies are now bringing fashion in technology and it is just amazing! Here are the different ways in which some companies around the world have added technology in fashion:

  • A popular technology company Avery Dennison works with top fashion retailers to implement new technology. One of their best works includes the use of RFID-enabled clothing. This helps in identifying a piece of clothing and to tell a story about them. They also came up with “smart mirrors” which allow the users to send messages to employees about questions about the clothing they want to purchase.

  • Image and style searching are another way to find and acquire fashion. Technology has made it easy to search for products. For instance, you may have seen a cool looking top but have absolutely no clue about the brand or style. With technologies like “Wide Eyes”, we can enjoy image searching.
  • Do you face difficulty in finding the right size of clothes? Technologies like FitCode are breaking barriers of inconsistent sizing according to your body type.
  • A popular knitting company has joined hands with 3D knitting machine for creating high-quality sweaters with six-ply cashmere.
  • Try before you buy! This is the new norm of sellers and online retailers too are using this technology. This is the best and most convenient way to try on clothes sitting at home. The shoppers are required to download the app and enter their exact measurements to get their 3D computerized version and find their best fit.